Understanding Collateral

Finance Understanding Collateral Finance Series I Education Hub Collateral in the financial world is an asset that a borrower pledges as security for a loan. For example, when a homebuyer obtains a mortgage, the home serves as the collateral for the loan. For a car loan, the vehicle is the collateral. A business that obtains financing from a bank […]

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Major Economic Indicators

Finance Major Economic Indicators Finance Series I Education Hub Economics is the study of the economy, and that picture is incomplete without a set of economic indicators. Learning Tip Economic indicators give us method to study economies via numerical and statistical analysis. These indicators are quite crucial for the study of economy. Macro-economic Major Economic

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Understanding Economy

Finance Understanding Economy Finance Series I Education Hub An economy is a system of inter-related production and consumption activities that ultimately determine the allocation of resources within a group. An economy may represent a nation, a region, a single industry, or even a family. Learning Tip The production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services combine to fulfill the needs of

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