Understanding Collateral

Finance Understanding Collateral Finance Series I Education Hub Collateral in the financial world is an asset that a borrower pledges as security for a loan. For example, when a homebuyer obtains a mortgage, the home serves as the collateral for the loan. For a car loan, the vehicle is the collateral. A business that obtains financing from a bank […]

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Major Economic Indicators

Finance Major Economic Indicators Finance Series I Education Hub Economics is the study of the economy, and that picture is incomplete without a set of economic indicators. Learning Tip Economic indicators give us method to study economies via numerical and statistical analysis. These indicators are quite crucial for the study of economy. Macro-economic Major Economic

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Understanding Economy

Finance Understanding Economy Finance Series I Education Hub An economy is a system of inter-related production and consumption activities that ultimately determine the allocation of resources within a group. An economy may represent a nation, a region, a single industry, or even a family. Learning Tip The production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services combine to fulfill the needs of

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Using Index for Investing

Investing Using Index for Investing Investing Series I Education Hub Investing using benchmark indices like Nifty 50, Sensex, S&P 500 etc. is quite popular as it makes quite easier to manage investments. Learning Tip A benchmark is a standard or measure that can be used to analyze the allocation, risk, and return of a given portfolio. A variety

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Stages of Stock Market

Fundamental Analysis

Investing Stages of Stock Market Investing Series I Education Hub William Hamilton identified three stages to both primary bull markets and primary bear markets. These stages relate as much to the psychological state of the market as to the movement of prices. Learning Tip Stock market stages represent crucial stock price zones where major stock activities happen. A good knowledge of

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